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  1. Hello!

    I’m writing to let you know about an exciting new program called The Adoption Show – Voices Ending the Myth…with the hope that you’ll help us spread the word about the show.

    Here’s a link to The Adoption Show – Voices Ending the Myth… ( )

    The Adoption Show is a web radio program about adoption. It is helpful because it gives a voice to those separated from their biological families and a voice to those who have lost a child to the adoption industry. We feature guests from around the world who discuss (in-depth) the pain caused by family separation. For example, recently, DMC (from the Rap group RUN DMC) was a guest on the show. He discussed the effects of finding out, at age 35, that he was adopted. Check out “Past Shows” to hear DMC’s story.

    The show is broadcasted every Sunday night at 8:30 P.M. (EST). Just turn on your speakers and log onto, then click “Listen to Show.”

    If anyone would like to share a story, offer insight or be a guest on the show, please contact

    We would sincerely appreciate you posting a link to the show on your web site and please feel free to pass our link along; your support will be greatly appreciated!


    Denise Marconi Leitch
    Research & Promotions
    The Adoption Show
    Voices Ending the Myth…

  2. Janie Teel Says:

    Hi Denise…I am sure you remember emailing with me in 2004. I have lost your email address, although I did save your poems.

    Here is a website that you and I wrote on.
    If you would want to publish it in one of your adoption places, that would be fine with me.

    Write me when you get a chance and let me know how you are doing in 2006.

    This is the address of the backyard garden thread we wrote on:

  3. Janie Teel Says:

    P.S. Since for you and me, flower gardening became our refuge, our place to nurture and create beauty, I am including a website with pictures of my flowers and one of myself.

  4. poundpup Says:


    In search of adoption related websites on the internet I came accross your blog. As admin of an adoption related web community, I made a link available to your blog and a feed of your posts to our website as to promote your writing. Please pay us a visit and see for yourself.


  5. Janie!!! Oh my god, how are you??? I have thought about you often but my hard drive crashed and I lost all of my contacts, however, it’s funny how little by little I’m running into all my lost Internet friends.

    I’m hanging in there, it’s up and down for me. I can’t remember if we were writing when my two precious puppy’s came into my life. We were watching a dog for friends of ours who had rescued her off the streets of Philadelphia. While she was in our care we found out she was pregnant. She had 5 puppies, on our bed, on Easter morning 2005. I was present for each birth and even assisted cleaning off the 4th puppy because the 5th one was born within 5 minutes of her brother.
    They are my babies and have helped me very much in my quest to heal. They will never replace my son but they help; I something think they were sent to me from Michael, so I wouldn’t be so consumed by my grief.

    Please write and let me know how you are – oh, I almost forgot…your garden is absolutely gorgeous!! I’m jealous. My garden last summer was okay, I didn’t have the same problems I previously had with bugs eating the flowers but I’m just not happy with the composition of the garden. I can grow flowers but my garden is lacking in design.

    You can write to me at

    Great to hear from you again!!!

  6. poundpup – I tried to find the link to this blog on your site to no avail but thank you for your support!! I got lost looking around, there was so much to see – great site!
    I tried to post but couldn’t figure it out…not saying it’s hard, I can be illiterate on a PC.

    I bookmarked the site and will be back soon.

    thanks again,

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