Sorry about the last post. Too little sleep combined with an overwhelming work load will do that to you!

I am a person with issues. Some of them are related to my being adopted. Some of them are related to my brother calling me “big toe” and “bony butt”. Just guessing here, but I bet that anyone reading this has their own set of issues. I am fortunate that my “issues” are small and manageable. Other people do not have that luxury. My issues are petty when compared with the issues of people who have had to deal with true hardships. Potential adoptive parents often ask if they should even consider adopting because adult adoptees seem to have so many issues related to the adoption. So what. Don’t potential adoptive parents have their own issues, say maybe one or two related to infertility. I am not trying to sound harsh towards adoptive parents, truly I am not. I just think that some people miss the point.  The issue is not whether or not the child will have issues, the issue is whether or not the parents are willing to acknowledge and openly deal with any issues that do, and will, arise. Just as they would when their biological child had issues to deal with in their life. Issues are simply a part of life. You just deal with your own unique set of issues.